Winter Proof Your Thatched Roof

Any country house would look lovely with a thatched roof, especially in Fordingbridge, Salisbury, New Forest, Burley, Stockbridge, Ringwood, Lymington, Blandford, Romsey & Surrounding areas (Dorset, Wiltshire & Hampshire). At Mike Bartlett Master Thatcher, we are aware of the importance of maintaining a thatch, particularly during the winter. You will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer under a properly maintained thatched roof. When it comes to thatched roofs, prevention is the best and most affordable remedy. Discover our suggestions for making sure your roof is prepared for winter as you read on.

Inspect the Roof

For best endurance and effectiveness, a thatched roof requires regular maintenance and inspection, just like any other type of roof. Due to its organic composition, a thatched roof requires routine, thorough inspection for any potential damage or wear and tear. It is possible to safely use a free-standing ladder and see outside to check for any significant surface damage. Yet, pressing a leaning ladder up against the thatch would in fact cause harm. Be sure to examine your roof space for any potential leaks as well. Choose a master thatcher only for an inspection that is complete and professional. Taking photos for comparison when inspecting your roof is an excellent suggestion. You can compare things accurately if you do it that way.

A skilled thatcher will have the knowledge, abilities, and tools necessary to properly conduct a thorough inspection of the entire roof for signs of potential holes, colour changes, vermin infestation, or other issues. These items might initially seem insignificant, but if they aren’t dealt with, they can cause serious, expensive damage.

Check the wiring and structures

The wire netting is a core part of a thatched roof’s structure. Untidy and worn-out thatched roofs with exposed wire fixtures are clear signs that thatch is nearing its end. You may have seen gaps or broken wires, which are perfect places for rodents and birds to nest. Excellent wire netting also shields the roof from severe weather like wind and rain. It is likely that leaves and other debris may build behind wires and between thatch materials as autumn and winter pass. For a thatched roof to be sturdy and healthy and last for many winters, a strong and healthy wire netting is required.

Seek a professional

You must choose a master thatcher with extensive knowledge if you have invested your hard-earned time and money in a thatched roof in order to ensure that it lasts as long as possible in the best shape. A master thatcher has the knowledge and experience necessary to properly and safely check, evaluate, and fix your thatched roof, providing total piece of mind. If you have a functioning open fire, it would also be sage to hire a professional chimney cleaner to clean your chimney of any obstructions and dangers.

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