Got a Thatched Roof? Discover the Secret to Its Longevity with Mike Bartlett & Sons!

Every thatcher might tell you they’re the “best in the business,” boasting unmatched skills, an experienced team, or unbeatable prices. And while some might excel in certain areas, there’s a pivotal factor many may not emphasise: the materials.

The true testament of a thatcher’s expertise lies in the quality of the materials they use. Let’s face it, Mother Nature spares no roof, and with time, she’ll test its resilience. Unfortunately, most thatching materials on the market are produced hastily, relying on chemicals and inadequate crop rotation to cut costs. While this might ensure quick growth and cheaper prices, it doesn’t guarantee longevity for your precious thatched roof.

When homeowners in the Hampshire area ask to see our recent works, we counter with, “How about a masterpiece from three decades ago?” Why? Because at Mike Bartlett & Sons, we take pride in our sustainable approach.

For a deeper dive into how we pick our top-notch materials, stay tuned for an upcoming detailed post. Meanwhile, if you’re pondering about giving your property the enduring beauty of a thatched roof crafted with the country’s premium materials, reach out to Mike Bartlett & Sons. We’re not just here to thatch; we’re here to make a difference! 🏡