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We are local roof thatchers provides all type of thatched roof maintenance and thatching repair services near Wilton, So whether you’re looking for a simple repair or a complete re-thatch of your roof then we can help you.

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Thatched Roof Maintenance and Repairs Services

For many people, the idea of having a thatched roof is a dream. You can prevent your dream turning into a nightmare so long as you know how to care for your thatch roof A healthy thatch roof will need regular maintenance. Assess the condition of the thatch earlier so that relevant work can be planned, if necessary. Do not presume that re-thatching is necessary just because materials are slipping or the roof appears to be in disarray. Do not assume that the roof is in excellent condition just because it appears tidy (with a well-maintained ridge design).

How long will my thatched roof last?

Your typical thatched roof, that consists of the ridge or top portion and the top layer of thatch or coat work, will last for years with regular maintenance, depending on a number of factors, including the materials. Water reed typically lasts 25–40 years, water reed 15–25 years, and long straw 15–25 years. Ridges are robust for 10 to 15 years.

How do i maintain my thatched roof?

  • Keep an eye on your thatch, especially during the winter months.
  • Keep an eye on your thatch, especially during the winter months.
  • Remove any trees or plants that can prevent the thatch from drying out by blocking sunlight, wind, or rain. 
  • Don’t let anyone step on it or lean ladders against it.
  • Keep food (such as bird food) away from the exterior of your home to deter rats.
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Signs that Maintenance is Due

  • Fixtures that are visible
  • lines or hollows in the thatch;
  • wire netting raised on the ridge;
  • patches of netting beneath the eaves;
  • moss and lichen developing on the thatch;
  • flashings (the waterproof strips that surround chimneys and other roof protrusions) that are separating from the thatch.
Life of Thatch

The appearance of a thatch does not always indicate its quality. A prompt and suitable repair can considerably increase the lifespan of thatch. Avoid unnecessary movement on your thatch, and don’t let others do it either. Never allow untrained thatchers to install flashing, netting, or anything else without consulting a knowledgeable thatcher first. TV aerial installers, for example, should avoid using a thatch as much as possible, and PLEASE AVOID using ridges as working platforms.

What work will a thatcher carry out to maintain my roof?

  • Depending on the condition of your roof, your thatcher might propose a range of fixes, including simple fixes or a total re-thatch.
  • Re-ridging involves taking out the old materials, inserting new ridging, and removing any wire netting from the ridge.
  • When re-ridging, cement flashing is typically changed. Lead flashing lasts longer and might not require constant replacement.
  • After this point, the thatch can be “dressed up” by removing it from its fasteners. Leveling and securing the thatch will be done.
  • The next step is to brush down, which entails clearing away moss and loose objects.
  • Patching can be used to fix small gaps in the coat work or the ridge.

The roof will be completely re-thatched and stripped back to the timbers or to its base. There will also need to be a new ridge created. To stop pest damage, a fresh wire netting might be used. If desired, the roof can be covered with a fire-retardant spray once the new coat work has been placed.

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