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We are local roof thatchers provides all type of thatched roof maintenance and thatching repair services near Ower . So whether you’re looking for a simple repair or a complete re-thatch of your roof then we can help you.

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Thatched Roof Maintenance and Repairs Services

Are you looking to contact a team of qualified thatching experts in Ower with over 300 years of experience? If so, Mike Bartlett Master Thatchers should be your first choice because we are the leading local authority. We will replace your thatch if it has seen better days. We offer more than only the installation of thatched roofs. Additionally, we can maintain and repair your thatch, extending its useful life. Call our team on 01725 519 258 I

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Thatched Roof Repair in Ower 

Don’t hesitate to contact Mike Bartlett Master Thatchers if your thatched roof needs repair. Whether your roof only needs a few spots inspected or has been severely worn out or damaged, you can rely on our restoration services. We handle everything, from quick fixes to full replacements of thatch roofs. Our repair services are reasonably priced and provided by local thatching experts who have been approved by the industry and family run for over 300 Years

Traditional Roof Thatching Services in Ower 

We offer a variety of traditional thatching services to customers in Ower, including:

We offer a variety of traditional thatching services to customers in Ower, including • Thatched Roof Installation

  • Water Repellent Coating Application
  • Thatch maintenance and repairs
  • Replacement of ridges

Additionally, we provide guidance on various thatching-related topics such thatch surveys, insurance reports, fireproofing, and listed buildings.

Thatching Repair Services UK

Sustainable Ower Thatching 

Because we only utilise locally sourced, ethically farmed reeds, our service is completely sustainable. Water and wheat reed are the only choices. In order to ensure the longest service life, we advise customers on the best alternative for their homes. Both materials have been utilised for many years, with wheat reed being a more portable choice. Despite being less durable, it can be maintained properly and endure up to 25 years.

Our second choice is water reed, which is regarded as a “heavy-duty” choice. A water reed thatched roof can endure up to 45 years with regular upkeep.

Ower Thatched Roof Maintenance 

When investing in new thatching for your property, you should keep in mind the maintenance that was previously mentioned. The maximum lifespan of a water reed roof is reduced by about half without maintenance, and the maximum lifespan of a wheat reed roof is reduced to about 15 years. Regular maintenance consultations can be made, and these entail our team inspecting the roof for abnormalities and conducting small repairs to maintain it operating at its finest.

Comprehensive Range of Thatching Services 

At Mike Bartlett Master Thatchers, we provide a comprehensive range of thatching services, including repairs and maintenance, water repellent coatings, and ridge replacements.

Water Repellent Coating 

A fantastic strategy to prevent moisture absorption, mould growth, decay, and discoloration is to use water repellent coatings. In the long run, these factors will increase the cost of your thatched roof by significantly reducing its longevity and effectiveness. Our coatings use deep-penetrating nanotechnology to build a barrier of defence against microbes including fungi, algae, and moss. The covering is colourless and water-permeable.

It is also:

  • 100% Organic
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Non-Flammable
  • Non-Toxic

It can also be used on both water and wheat reed roofs.


The ridge, which runs along the upper centre of the roof, is essentially the support structure of any thatched roof. Ridges come in a variety of designs, from simple flush to elaborate, and should be updated approximately every ten years. The crew at Mike Bartlett Master Thatchers offers ridging  in a variety of forms to fit any property and is highly experienced in this field. Call us right away if your ridge needs to be replaced if it has seen better days. Any delays could diminish your thatched roof’s overall efficiency.

Repairing and Maintaining Thatch  

A thatched roof should, in our opinion, always offer excellent value for your money, but this is only possible if the roof is maintained. You don’t have to climb up there and do the job yourself, and we certainly don’t advise you to. Your thatched roof could live an additional 15-20 years if routine inspections and small, frequent repairs are undertaken by Mike Bartlett Master Thatchers. You will save money by using our repair and maintenance services rather than having the entire roof replaced.

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Is a Thatched Roof Expensive? 

When purchasing a new thatched roof, the cost can be quite significant. The reality is that there aren’t many professional thatching businesses, so those that do exist can set their own prices. We detest this way of thinking and will always maintain our commitment to providing our services at fair and reasonable prices. Additionally, we strongly advise paying for routine maintenance visits because they can extend the lifespan of your roof by up to 20 years and save you from having to replace it entirely.


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Why choose Mike Bartlett Master Thatchers? 

As a business, Mike Bartlett Master Thatchers run by Mike Bartlett and his sons Sam & Alex. Thatching is in our blood and the trade has been passed down through the centuries – in fact we have over 300 years of thatching experience. We are proud of our past, present and future and look forward to passing our craft onto our children.

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If you need a new thatch roof installed or you’re existing one repaired, Mike Bartlett Master Thatchers are the leading thatching experts in Ower. Call us at 01725 519 258 if you’ve determined that we are the thatched roof specialists to contact and would like to do so. If you’d rather communicate in writing, you can do so by sending an email to or using our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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