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Thatched Roof Maintenance and Repairs Services

A thatched roof’s lifespan and subsequent maintenance needs are determined by a variety of factors. It will ultimately get to the point where it needs to be entirely rethatched due to the material’s natural degradation over time. Repairs may prolong the life of some parts, but they are a waste of money because they eventually reach the point where the surrounding material is no longer viable.

Keep an eye out for any changes to your roof, especially before and during the winter. Always seek multiple quotes for any work that is necessary to avoid dealing with “rogue thatcher’s” who are hustling for clients. Unfortunately, they exist in all professions, and neither memberships nor clever websites can be relied upon. Establish the condition of the thatch as soon as possible so that any necessary work can be priced and scheduled into a maintenance programme.

The local council’s listed building department or conservation officer should be contacted if a listed property needs a complete rethatch. If the owner and thatcher are unsure of the requirements, they should each obtain the appropriate assistance from the authorities. Listed buildings should always receive like-for-like maintenance.

General Maintenance Considerations

Generally the ridge of the thatch will require replacing every 10 – 15 years. The coatwork will vary depending on the material used and its associated lifespan.

To keep the roof in best condition:

  • Allow it to dry thoroughly, and cut back any trees or plants that would prevent the sun, wind, or rain from drying it or dispersing it. If the area is humid, moss and algae growth are also more likely to occur, which keeps the roof moist.
  • Prevent other trades from damaging the roof by using ladders or stepping on the thatch. Any divot created has the potential to increase the deterioration of the thatch, and damage to the fixings on the ridge can be particularly harmful to the lifespan of the roof.
  • Never assume that a roof is in excellent shape just because it appears tidy (with a well-maintained ridge design). In order to sell a house, sellers will frequently have an old roof with a worn-out ridge replaced. If you are unsure and want to purchase a thatched property, we can provide advice.
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Indication of a worn roof

The wire netting may be left up on the ridge where the thatch has deteriorated and the fixings (spars) may be protruding. Even if the fasteners are visible and the ridge appears a little untidy, it can still be perfectly functional.

Wear is also shown by lines and dips in the main roof coatwork. Sometimes the roof has reached a point in its life where it is advisable to leave the moss as removing it will cause more harm than good. Moss and lichens are frequently linked with well-decayed roofs.

A triangle of dark material near the eave could be a sign of roof deterioration and water intrusion.

Check for cracked or broken cement flashings as well as lead and cement flashings that are coming away from chimneys and gaps where they meet the thatch.

The best roof is not one with a thick thatch layer; it depends on the roof’s pitch.

These are merely warning indicators. We can provide you a better idea or request our thatcher’s for their opinions by calling or sending a picture


This often entails taking out any wire netting from the ridge, taking out some or all of the old ridge to a firm base, and then applying the ridge again. At this point, a roof is often dressed up and brushed down (except for Longstraw).

Dressing up is done as the thatch gradually loses its grip on its fixings due to deterioration. The thatch is knocked evenly and firmly back up into their fixings during dressing. Following dressing, the thatch may be brushed down to remove loose debris and moss, which can absorb moisture and progressively harm the thatch’s body.

Care of the roof

From patching to re-ridging and total rethatch along with repairing vermin bird and storm damage the thatcher will help keep your roof sound.


Thatch that has been properly installed and maintained shouldn’t usually develop holes or be destroyed by the wind. If isolated holes do develop (e.g., from bird damage), they can be fixed as long as there are no underlying issues, eg a roof that has reached the end of its useful life. A patch is typically secured in place with spars or screws and is ideally made of the same material as the coatwork. Older thatch in the vicinity will be more vulnerable to wear.

Total re-thatch

Please note the comment above on Listed Buildings and total rethatch. A total rethatch can involve stripping a roof to a firm foundation or stripping the roof to timbers.

Building rules should be taken into consideration while reducing a structure to its bare wood. Over the rafters and under the thatch, fire barriers are applied . Both flexible, breathable solutions and solid boards are possible choices. Typically, models that have received LABC approval should not need discussion to comply with the rules. Be aware that certain materials on the market don’t meet the requirements, and that the terminology surrounding fireproofing can be misleading. Fire protection, fire resistance, and fire barriers all have very diverse meanings and functions. Make sure you are aware of both your needs and the options being presented.

A new ridge must be added when the coatwork is rethatched (like for like if the building is listed), whether it was previously stripped to solid foundation or to timbers. In the case of Combed Wheat and Longstraw, the entire roof is typically wired even though it seems to be a regional preference. This is mostly attributable to eradicating vermin issues. Water Reed roofs often have only the ridge wired in.

The depth of the fixings, which depends on the individual thatcher’s expertise, is crucial to the lifespan of the roof. 

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